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30 Foot Zipper Vacsoc® - Silver ( Platinum)

Vacsoc® is the premium hose sock brand within the central vacuum
industry and it’s the #1 choice of consumers. Padded for protection and
shielded with our proprietary Easy Glide fabric that virtually floats across
the floor, the Zipper Vacsoc® is the premier hose sock solution that
protects furniture and floor molding while using your central vacuum hose
system. Easy to install, easy to remove, the Zipper Vacsoc® is machine
washable, tough and durable.

The Zipper Vacsoc® gives your central vacuum hose the soft touch. It
transforms your central vacuum hose into a beautiful, vibrant designer
piece created to make the cleaning experience more enjoyable. Each
design is constructed with a unique pattern that resists dirt and discoloration.
The New Zipper Vacsoc by Plastiflex will continue to provide your
central vacuum customers with quality and durability.

Key elements of the new Zipper Vacsoc® include:
• Top Quality, Durable Construction – Machine Washable
• Shielded with Easy Glide Woven Fabric
• New Glowing Colors! Periwinkle Clamshell and Blue Blossom
• Available in Standard 30’ and 35’ Lengths – Other Lengths Available
• 2 Year Limited Warranty